WiFi AP Showing ARP 'moved from' Daily

  • Hello Everyone,

    I am working on a new pfSense installation for my home.. and am loving it so far! One thing I haven't been able to put a handle on, is the fact that my WiFi AP (a Netgear Orbi Router - RBR40), drops traffic bound for WAN gateway for a short while, for all WiFI endpoints... and the below shows up in System Logs:

    Jul 1 11:14:13 kernel arp: moved from 78:d2:94:b1:e3:58 to 78:d2:94:b1:e3:59 on igb1
    Jul 1 11:14:18 kernel arp: moved from 78:d2:94:b1:e3:59 to 78:d2:94:b1:e3:58 on igb1
    Jul 1 11:14:20 kernel arp: moved from 78:d2:94:b1:e3:59 to 78:d2:94:b1:e3:58 on igb1
    Jul 1 11:14:32 kernel arp: moved from 78:d2:94:b1:e3:59 to 78:d2:94:b1:e3:58 on igb1

    This happens every 23-24 hours daily.

    On the Orbi Router, I have put it in AP mode, and gave it a static IP (in Orbi) of On the pfSense side, I also reserved that IP for the 78:d2:94:b1:e3:58 (not 59, which you can see it flips to, and then back again). I'm not really sure what else I should be checking for... and any thoughts or insight on why this is happening would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you all!

  • Netgate Administrator

    What is assigned that second MAC address? Another interface in the AP I would assume.

    Maybe one is the Ethernet MAC and the other is the wifif MAC?

    If it has two Ethernet ports it might be setup to do some sort of link bonding which can show like that.



  • I have already reviewed that URL, and checked for the same sort of issue.. There is only one Netgear device on my LAN, and nothing else even comes close to that MAC.. the BSSID for the WiFI radio in the Orbi itself is 78:d2:94:b1:e3:5b. All devices that I can run arp -a on, all show the correct entry for the AP MAC and LAN interface in pfSense:

    ? ( at b8:7b:c5:67:22:c5 [ether] on wlan0
    ? ( at a2:89:d2:27:22:8e [ether] on wlan0
    ? ( at 70:77:81:2c:0d:f3 [ether] on wlan0
    ? ( at 78:d2:94:01:4b:b8 [ether] on wlan0
    ? ( at 78:d2:94:b1:e3:58 [ether] on wlan0
    raspberrypi ( at dc:a6:32:1c:59:50 [ether] on wlan0
    ? ( at 50:c7:bf:74:7f:44 [ether] on wlan0
    ? ( at e0:d5:5e:29:12:0f [ether] on wlan0
    ? ( at 9e:2d:a6:6c:5f:f1 [ether] on wlan0
    ? ( at e8:fb:e9:30:cc:d6 [ether] on wlan0
    ? ( at 40:62:31:0b:42:db [ether] on wlan0
    ? ( at 00:0c:29:9c:7e:04 [ether] on wlan0

    Any other thoughts as to why this might be happening?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Not really. It pretty much has to be coming from that access point, you'd have to ask Netgear why it's doing that.

    It would not normally cause a problem if it was an expected load-balancing strategy or lagg interface.


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