high ping and slow internet when browsing

  • Hi all,

    I have a big problem using pfSense in my network, when i browse Internet, my ping going higher and i load website hardly.

    My computer is on network, i have no difficulty to ping my pfSense server (<1ms), but when i ping Google or some external website, i got 25ms if nobody use the network, and it goes up to 400ms. When the website is load, my ping return to 25ms. When my PC is connected directly to my ISP router, browsing is OK and my ping does not increase.

    Hardware configuration :

    • Dell Poweredge R240 with ESXi 6.7.0
    • 8Go RAM
    • Intel Xeon E-2124 @ 3,30 Ghz

    pfSense configuration :
    Version 2.4.5-RELEASE-p1
    DNS :,, DHCP and DNS Resolver are active.
    Network : 1 WAN to my ISP router, 2 LAN network ( and I set up a squid proxy with pfBlocker, and a captive portal.

    I disable Squid and pfBlocker but nothing better.
    Can someone help me ?


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