SquidGuard and blocking IPs as URLs

  • hi!

    I can't use "Not to allow IP addresses in URL", because there are some sites, that use direct IPs in their webs. there for i go to 'Destinations' and try put IPs, that I want block in 'URLs list' and get strange error:

    The following input errors were detected:
       * DEST 'd_IPs': Item 'my IP there' is not a url.

    after some investigation I found, that only IP that pass is:

    and only if I put in such form:

    this is IP, that used in example, at 'Proxy Content filter SquidGuard: Destinations' 'URLs list'

    how I can block some other IPs?


  • Now try via expressions
    for example for block ip's and

    Later i explore this issue.

  • dvserg,

    thanks, as expressions it works!