Traffic Totals defaults to hourly and hangs the browser

  • Hello,

    I have Status_Traffic_Totals version 2.3.1 installed on pfsense 2.4.5-RELEASE-p1. If i go to page Status>Traffic Totals, it tries to show the 'Hourly' data and the webpage hangs. I think previously the default was the 'Daily' statistics. Is it possible to make the 'Daily' as the default?

    I have tried to clean the browser history, reinstalled the package but it hasnt helped.

  • pFSense 2.4.5-RELEASE-p1 (amd64)
    Status_Traffic_Totals net 2.3.1

    Same problem here and on several deployments/locations we have the same issue.
    Browsers get hung.
    Firefox responds after one minute or so but responses are very very slow.

  • This might be related to the issue I just discovered.

    It looks like traffic totals no longer caps off the max entries.

    So e.g. hourly should only show last 24 hours, Daily last 28/29/30/31 days and so on.

    On my local unit If I wait long enough the hourly shows up and its got over 40k hours of data on it.

    To see if it is just a local unit problem (corrupt database etc.) I checked another pfsense install and it is also above 24 hours. So looks like this package might be broken on new builds of pfsense, as it used to work properly originally.

    In addition my local unit has many hours as 0 bytes of data, it is consistently <value> 8 hours of 0 bytes <value> 8 hours of 0 bytes <value> and so on.


    Actually my issue might have been different.

    I noticed I had device files in the vnstat database dir for devices that shouldnt be tallied, I disabled graphing, deleted the files, turned it back on, and now it is cutting off excess entries again, although I have lost all hourly and daily data (I assume due to them been corrupt), monthly data is instact so not end of the world,

    The other unit has no device files at all in the directory, just the main database, so not sure what is going on with that one.