pimd - doesn't appear to work

  • I want to just have any any traffic between my internal network segments.
    The pfSense box is running on vmware and the down stream switch doesn't have any IGMP config so in theory all multicast traffic should be been broadcast to all switch ports in the same vlan. I want pfSense to then forward all IGMP traffic to any receiver on any other vlan.

    I have IGMP proxy disabled and PIMD enabled

    I don't ever seem to have an entry in the Multicast routing table:

    Virtual Interface Table ======================================================
    Vif  Local Address    Subnet              Thresh  Flags      Neighbors
    ---  ---------------  ------------------  ------  ---------  -----------------
      0      10.28/16                 1  DISABLED
      1      10.22/16                 1  DR NO-NBR
      2      10.27/16                 1  DR NO-NBR
      3      10.23/16                 1  DISABLED
      4      10.24/16                 1  DISABLED
      5      10.26/16                 1  DR NO-NBR
      6      register_vif0            1 
     Vif  SSM Group        Sources             
    Multicast Routing Table ======================================================
    --------------------------------- (*,*,G) ------------------------------------
    Number of Groups: 0
    Number of Cache MIRRORs: 0

  • Hi @kmarston

    Have you tried enabling "Allow IP Options" on the network segments you wish to pass multicast traffic between?


    Also, after making PIMD configuration changes, you may need to clear (reset) your firewall states as well for them to properly go into effect.

    Hope this helps.

  • For reference I have re-visited this and now have a working solution!

    On each interface I have an allow rule with the Advanced allow IP options ticked.

    To make PIMD work you need to enable binding on the internal interfaces you want to participate in routing IGMP
    The other thing you then need to do is create a default BSR and RP - this is the key to making it all work!

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