Fix bufferbloat for a VPN in a Gateway Group

  • My question is how can I address bufferbloat when I also have a VPN in a Gateway Group ?

    My setup is running latest pfsense, I have several vlans some go out via WAN or the VPN Gateway Group.

    I'm using Airvpn on three OpenVPN clients on UDP which are in the gateway group.

    This all works great, however, when I do a speed test on I see I have high latency loaded.

    To address the latency I applied the approach from lawrence systems and it works great for my WAN connections.

    Now when I access my VPN vlan I can't browse however torrenting still works though I have no new floating rule applied.

    So what needs to be done for my vlans exiting via the VPN Group Gateway to use the limiters, how should the limiters be set up, use the same queue as the WAN or add another nested queue (tried this and failed)? I know there was another thread on a similar topic but I couldn't determine what the solution was. I should also add I've tried to apply the limiters only to my VPN but this failed so there is something obviously wrong in my approach ... need a few pointers.

    Is there anyone out there who has successfully configured pfsense using limiters for their VPN Gateway group and their WAN ?

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