Traffic graph widgets blank for first ~2 minutes.

  • pfSense 2.4.5_1

    I recently migrated from a pfSense VM on Hyper-V to a Protectli Vault micro appliance by exporting the configuration from my old pfSense VM and importing on the appliance. Everything is working great after the migration except for the traffic graph widgets on the home screen.

    Once I load the page, for the first two-ish minutes (roughly the time span of the graphs), I can see the y-axis scale changing as if adjusting to new values, but no data appears on the graph until a full 2 minutes has elapsed (you can think of it as when the first data point would have moved all the way from where it "enters" on the right until "leaves" on the left).

    There are also some non-sequitur time markers (46:40 and 33:20 in between 51:56 and 54:09) until the data fills in.

    After that two minutes is up, the graph functions normally as long as the page is loaded.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on what might be wrong?


    Animated GIF:
    Status_ Dashboard - pfSense.gif

    11-second video around the transition:

  • @chrisschrimsher
    Try changing the refresh interval of the graphs to 5 and see if it happens.
    Then try lower values.
    I had issues with 1 second on low power devices in the past

  • I changed it to 5 and that seemed to fix it. I lowered it incrementally to see if it would break, and now it seems to be working even back at 1.

    I'll remember this trick and move it back up if it breaks again.