• Hi all,

    I'm looking to find a solution for a specific problem I've encountered when using CARP.
    As it happens the DC switches don't allow Multicast and treat Multicast as broadcast, which breaks functionality. In order to overcome this difficulty, I was suggested to make GARP requests to make the switches learn the new MAC addresses when states change.

    I've looked around in the forums and I found some scripts to achieve this. However, I don't think the implementation is quite practical, (at least for me it didn't work) as failover takes a while to respond.

    So what I was thinking, inline with this topic: https://forum.netgate.com/topic/156499/carp-issues-due-to-layer-2-switching

    To make a package that would respond upon event (when changing to master) it would run that function.

    I'm not really a developer, but I'd greatly appreciate if someone could pick this up. I am willing to pay some for it, but I do believe that the community would generally benefit. Thanks.