• Hey guys! Could someone help me to make something like this:


    But for new version...This version is very old..

  • Hi,

    FreeRadius is better integrated these days, and can be installed as a pfSense package.
    You'll be needing a MySQL (MariaDB) SQL server. This one doesn't (should not) run on pfSense.

    If you're capable of running and maintaining** these these two, you're pretty close to redoing a bit the code used in the project, as html, ccs and PHP. These 3 had their rocket science status removed in the late nineties.

    The problem with big addons is .... they only work for a couple of months.
    As soon as pfSense updates, chances are that something breaks. The author should solve the issue as soon as possible. This means he should be using a portal himself. Which means he already knows that an animal called "RGBD" really exist.

    When you run a captive portal, you should apply this rule " keep it simple ". Not doing so means : Very soon, you will not be doing what you are doing right now.

    pfSense is a security device, not some nicely coloured gadget. If updates exist, you install them.
    If the installed code is personalized which this kind of addons, admins tend to stop updating.
    And that's another way of going out of business with a lot of buzz.

    ** FreeRadius and MySQL are not "set them and forget them" type of services.

    Btw : I guess you do understand that the nearly identical question "Can I use the user's Facebook account to login in into my portal ?" vanished. Some English company did woke up a lot of people.
    And Facebook changes it's API every week or so.

    edit : almost forgot : this method is still allowed !