Interface Group Name Length Allows 16-Characters

  • The interface group name textbox appears to allow 16-characters but causes an "interface name too long..." error.

    My original group name was "VLAN_VPN_NETWKS" (15-characters).
    Was able to successfully changed it to "ADM_VLN_VPN_NETS" (16-characters).
    Afterwards I did a Filter Reload and got this error:

    There were error(s) loading the rules: /tmp/rules.debug:571: interface name too long - The line in question reads [571]: rdr on ADM_VLN_VPN_NETS proto tcp from $Admin_Devices to $All_Admin_VLAN_VPN_Interfaces port 80 -> port 46864

    Changed it back to "VLAN_VPN_NETWKS" and ran a Filter Reload with no errors.
    Tried "VLAN_VPN_NETWKSS" and "VLAN_VPN_NETWKSX" and go the same error.
    Thought maybe it was related to the pfSense-Dark-BETA theme. Tried the same thing in the default pfSense theme and got the same error.

    Should the interface group name textbox throw an error banner that says something about "text too long" if >15 characters are entered?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate