Captive portal redirect to online website?

  • I have an online signin page, and I was wondering how I can use the pfSense captive portal to, upon encountering a user whose MAC address has not been entered in, to redirect them to a specific website and allow them to enter and submit their information, but not go to other websites (it would send them back)?
    Thanks in advance!

  • Alternatively, how would I enable the captive portal but allow visitors to view our website or a certain area of a website? Thanks! :)

  • You can define with the "allowed IPs" tab, IPs to which even not authenticated users can connect.

  • Thanks, it worked great! Is there a way to do a wildcard so that all ip addresses related to a client's domain are allowed i.e. 12.34.56.* ?

  • I dont think so.
    (but i never tried  ::) )

  • If not a wildcard, perhaps a range of IP addresses?
    It's just so tedious to add each and every server one at a time, especially when some of the setups are quite complicated, involving transfers from multiple servers.
    But again, you've been extremely helpful, and I thank you again! :)

  • You could download the config.xml and edit the relevant part directly.

    ctrl-c, ctrl-v ing all the needed IPs is still faster than adding them all by hand.

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