• Hi also found that dual wan load balancing kills all packages. Get message Unable to communicate to www.pfsense.org. Please check DNS, default gateway, etc. Internet is running fine though. Any body got this to run with dual wan?

  • You have to tick "default gateway" box on gateway tabs for WAN, then the firewall will be aware of a default gw and use that for package install/firmware checks/upgrades.

    One thing im not sure of in multi wan set up, is if all wan have to have the default gw box ticked, hope someone with more experience can answer this.


  • Thanks. Worked. To answer your question, does not appear to matter. Did tick the default  for one wan and tested and for both wan's. No different.

  • As of now the default gw should be only checked for one of the gateways.

  • Thanks :)