Dual WAN monitoring for IPv6 over PPPoE

  • Hello everybody.

    Currently I use an OpenWRT router, I have 2 ISPs and it does load balancing, but I'm having some issues and would like to know if pfSense would work better for my needs.

    One ISP uses DHCP to provide me IPv4 and IPv6, but the other ISP uses PPPoE. For that, OpenWRT creates a virtual interface to provide IPv6.

    For configuring load balancing and monitor if each WAN is up, it uses ping. But I'm unable to use ping parameters that work for this IPv6 virtual interface, I had help on their forum over a year ago and was never able to make it work, then IPv6 traffic has been limited to 1 ISP only.

    I'm totally noob on pfSense, first I wanna make sure it works better on this before building a miniPC or buying an appliance, as I'm unable to test it on a VM network.

    Has anybody used Dual WAN on IPv6 when IPS uses PPPoE?

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