Server keeps locking up

  • Recently, about a week or two ago, my pfsense server starting going down at least once every 24 hours.  I was running version 1.2.  A few days ago I updated it to 1.2.2 and now I am lucky if the server stays running for 12 hours.

    I have plugged a monitor and keyboard in to the system and waited for another crash, when it crashed again I went to the keyboard and even the shell menu is non-responsive.

    I am not sure where to start on troubleshooting this one, I am leaning towards hardware issue, since it just popped up and happens on 2 versions of the OS.  Are there any logs I can look at through SSH?  I have tried to view the system log in the web portal it only goes back to when I reboot to make the server work again.

    My server is running on a supermicro mobo, dual P3 667 mhz cpus, 1 gig ram, 20 gig SCSI hdd, one builtin NIC and one added NIC, i don't recall specifics about the NICs right now, I am at work and the server has crashed again.


  • This is absolutely hardware related.

  • I checked the ram with Memtest, and ran a data verifier on the HDDs.  Is there anyway to narrow down what the issue might be.  I looked at the NICs when the server was frozen, they were still blinking.


  • In order I'd look at:

    • PSU

    • Cooling (CPU and case)

    • Motherboard

    • CPU

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