Can't Ping Between LAN and OPT1

  • Hello,
    Newbie here trying to resolve connectivity issue between LAN and OPT1. LAN is on and OPT is on and are going through different switches from my PfSense box. I'm unable to ping devices between the subnets. I have no NAT'ing currently setup. What am I missing?

    OPT_config.jpg LAN_config.jpg

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Those rules look fine.

    Be sure the target hosts allow pings/connections from subnets other than the ones they are on (think windows firewall). You can ping the OPT1 firewall address from LAN , and vice-versa to see if that works.

  • Thanks Derelict.

    It's working now. Like you said, I had to add rules to Windows Defender to allow pinging and other activity across the subnets.

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