NATing a service NET into a Main Net

  • Hello,

    I need help with the 'Natten'. Our main network is connected to a broadband line via a Juniper Firewall. For service purposes we have access to the main network ( via an ADSL connected PFSense.
    In the office we also have a network ( to which our service PCs are connected.
    The default gateway in the main network is the Junper with
    We now want to access the main network from the service network but we do not want to set routes on the Juniper. Our idea is to NAT the service network when accessing the main network so that the accesses in the main network are done with
    Currently we have a rule on the PFsense that allows access to the main network and back. But with the 'natting' I do not get further.
    What is the best way to proceed here?