Captive Portal Per User Restriction not working.

  • when enabling the per user restriction in the captive portal and setting up the limit of bandwidthup and bandwidth down for user only uploading restriction is working and on downloading user is free to use full bandwidth even after its controlled. I am facing this bug after upgrading my firewall to 2.4.5 P1.

  • Hi,

    I'm just tested with 1000 Kbits / sec download and 500 kbits / sec upload, connected my Phone.
    The two speeds were rather well limited.

    To test : I threw out all connected users first, stopped the portal completely, started it again with this :


    I also tested with the authentication I normally use : FreeRadius, who also permits a limit, on a per user bases.


    This also worked as advertised.

    @Qadeer said in Captive Portal Per User Restriction not working.:

    2.4.5 P1.

    Not related, but very usefull : I advise you to install the 2.4.5-p1 patch for the captive portal, that permits you to keep users connected when you edited (re saved) the portal settings.
    See this part of the forum for the details.

  • i had done this but in my case download restrict my WAN connection instead of LAN users and on upload both works fine.

  • The restriction doesn't operate on the WAN interface.
    Neither on the LAN interface.
    It will apply on the interface used by the captive portal, typically OPT1.
    If possible, do not use LAN as the captive portal (although, it should work).

    Have a look at the 2 (3 ?) pfSense captive portal videos from Netgate on Youtube.

    Also : if bandwidth restriction didn't work, you would not be "the only" seeing this ... may other would post about it.

  • Yes on my side i had done everything let's wait for the other to post this same issue

  • In my scenerio,

    we only provide access to users whose mac address are in our captive portal
    and we are restricting users bandwidth from captive portal as well. Suppose when i add 1024 Kbps
    in both fields upload and in download. upload works fine and on download user not get restricted
    but on the other hand when i observe my WAN download it restrict to 1024 Kbps and uploading is open fully. that was starnge for me after upgrading to 2.4.5p1. while on 2.4.4 everything is works fine.

  • @Qadeer said in Captive Portal Per User Restriction not working.:

    we only provide access to users whose mac address are in our captive portal

    You saw ?

  • Rebel Alliance

    @Qadeer one question (sorry if it feels a bit stupid)

    Are you using FreeRadius (or similar radius server : NPS etc...)?

  • try removing all the MAC addresses first and then adding them back to the list after you had changed the up/down speed limits. My experience has been that if those MAC addresses have been added before you made the changes they will keep the old settings.