IPv6 ping/traceroute from Windows 10 PCs

  • I have a really weird issue with ping and traceroute from some Windows 10 PCs on my network.

    If I ping or run a trace route from certain Windows 10 PC to an IPv6 address outside of the local subnet the pfSense firewall responds to the ping and the trace route finishes after one hop.

    If I do the same from Linux VMs, Android mobiles, Windows 2016 and other Windows 10 VMs I don't have an issue and the pings and traceroutes reach the external destination.

    Anyone encountered this before and been able to remedy the issue?

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  • @virgiliomi said in IPv6 ping/traceroute from Windows 10 PCs:

    Before I try to offer a reason, can I make a guess that you have Verizon FiOS? 🙂

    Edit: Never mind... I see you're not from the US. We have an ISP in part of the US that has an ICMP Traceroute issue (affects only Windows, not Linux/Mac since they use UDP instead of ICMP by default). I thought that might have been what you were experiencing.