• hi, had set-up my pfsense box with p4, 512mb ram, 40gb hdd, 2 intel nics and 1 realtek 8139
    had set 1 intel nic->lan, 1 intel nic->wan, realtek nic->opt1 (wan2)
    have some questions regarding firewall rules on how to do specific things, btw read what i can
    on the forum, but just cant really dig it…at least for now...

    1. is it possible to lower packet priority of IM (yahoo messenger) webcam streaming of chat using webcam?
    (just like to "limit" chat with webcam to not hog all bandwidth on wan, opt1, some chat apps, like
    friendster chat app, hog all the bandwidth like cam streaming was like high priority packet),
    if possible how or maybe just give me a hint how to do it? :)

    2. i used to have an asus router with url filtering, creating a url filter of "watch" on that router will still load the page of youtube but WILL NOT play the streaming flv content as opposed with no filter at all,
    does pfsense has a feature like this url filtering or if not, can i still do the same with other

    3. (i know this is simple) how can i create firewall rules that allow me to use wan for all standard ports
    (http, https, icmp, ftp) but route all other port requests to opt1? what i'm trying to do is that standard webrowsing goes to wan but all online games, other port request goes to opt1? (btw will use pfsense for
    my internet cafe kiosk, so want to set this up so the normal webrowsing will not interfere those users
    playing online games)

    the reason i'm asking all these questions is because wan and opt1 are only low bandwidth connection
    (2 x 384kbps) and i want to use these to the fullest (so no streaming videos, music, can chat but
    with videocam lower the priority packets of the videocam streaming)

    are all these possible? thanks for any info on the subject...

    1. Traffic shaping

    2. Squid + SquidGuard

    3. Policy based routing - just specify a gateway for the firewall rules