Bypass AdBlock Detection

  • Greetings, unusable due to adblock detection (JS) popup as a result of DNSBL blocking ads. Looking to see how others have either whitelisted to be exempt from DNSBL/pfblockerng, or bypassed adblock detection.

    can't find anything helpful on google, appreciate input and thanks!

    I have a pretty basic setup of pfblockerng-devel at the moment.

  • I had attempted to 'chase my tail' by whitelisting individual domains when blocking them prevented one thing or another from allowing access due to the add block. Too much trouble IMO. So I tried several different lists and settled on the ones that aren't so aggressive they cause problems all the time.

    If you only need a few domains 'whitelisted' in PFB DNSBL- click on DNSBL, scroll down to the DNSBL WHITE LIST, and add them there. You can also experiment with the TOP1M whitelist to see if it helps at all if blocking is going a bit 'overboard'. If you turned on the TLD function, you can exclude the domain from TLD blocks on the TLD EXCLUSION list.

    SITE.COM is so you may need to whitelist that in this case.

  • Thanks for feedback.

    I used as an example. did not realize SF had purchased that domain :P

    I'm hesitant to start whitelisting sources of ads as that defeats the purpose of having an adblock list. What I ended up doing was blacklisting the source of the JS file that does the validation and puts up a modal disabling the user from using the website. Solves my problem, which was being able to use this website, with ad block, by a user who is on a phone and not technical.

    thank you for help!

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