Mail server problem

  • hi! i have problem . i have 3 wan and 2 lan network.  pls see blow
    Version  1.2.3-RC2
    built on Wed Jun 3 14:37:07 EDT 2009

    WAN –--
      WAN2 ------------ PFSENSE ------  Mail Server1
      (  ---                Mail Server2
                  ---                      Mail Server1
      WAN3----                          Mail Server2

    i configure it use port forward  (Auto-add a firewall rule to permit traffic through this NAT rule)
    WAN2  TCP  25 (SMTP) 25 (SMTP)
    WAN3  TCP  25 (SMTP) 25 (SMTP)
    WAN2  TCP  25 (SMTP) 25 (SMTP)
    WAN3  TCP  25 (SMTP) 25 (SMTP)

    the strange thing is when i connect two smtp server using telnet is always show correct response.when i use Mail server 1 send/receive every thing okey. when i use mail server 2 i can send/receive at outlook no problem.but i can not receive any mail or recipient  can not receive mail any more . my question is why mail server1 can but mail server2 can not.i see my mail log(mail server2) it seem everything okey. or pfsense can not support two mail server inside ?

    thankx for every one help me!

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