• Hello,

    Running 2.4.5-p1 with one connection SMB Cable, and the other SMB DSL CODELQ works just fine when on the Tier 1 Connection (SMB Cable).

    I followed these instructions:

    Recently I had a backup connection installed, just Verizon DSL, and I setup a traffic shaper for it. I created copies of existing queues from the WAN and adjusted the bandwidths.

    Today when primary connection failed, backup did not work. It worked when I disabled the floating rule for that interface. I may have even setup, and tested, the QoS rule before I upgraded to 2.4.5-p1 but I cannot remember.

    I seen this for 2.5.0:

    I have triple checked the settings. The next thing I was going to do was setup a test machine, and add a firewall rule to have it use the backup as primary internet so see if it works QoS enabled then.

    At first I thought everything was fine, because pings were going through the backup connection. I thought that I put the wrong speeds in. I checked and they are good.

    I saw someone post an issue about using low Kbit speeds, in this same forum. DSL upload here is like 700kbits.

    I thought I tested this to work though.

    Anyone have any ideas?

  • Not an emergency, but a real issue, no one has experienced this?