• Everything seems to be working except a crucial part. My pfSense install does not appear to receive a WAN connection or IP address. Help!

    I'm a n00b. But I've followed countless tutorials over two days all with the same failure for me. (including this one: https://docs.netgate.com/pfsense/en/latest/recipes/virtualize-hyper-v.html)

    I'm building a home router in Hyper-V with pfSense. I have a quad nic installed and pfSense up and running in Hyper-V. I can access with web interface when wired to the pfSense Host.

    Path: ISP -> modem -> Win10pro host nic

    When "Allow management operating system to share this network adaptor" is checked on the vWAN I have internet on the Host machine. That tells me the modem, nic, and ethernet cord all work. When I uncheck that box, I lose all connection including in pfSense.

    In the VM install, pfSense shows:

    WAN -> hn0 ->
    LAN -> hn1 ->

    I've been looking for and expecting an IP address to populate on the WAN line. Which I think will indicate that it is connected, right?

    How do I troubleshoot this?

    I've rebooted pfSense, the modem, the host, and the VM countless times and in countless orders and configurations.

    The end goal is isolated WAN comes in to host box and pfSense where it is firewalled and sent out to LAN and access points with a few VLANS, and maybe an additional physical network via an extra nic port.

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    A little help here? Can anyone push me in the right direction?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Do you get a pubic on that interface?

    When it's configured as DHCP the most common reason you see failures is a subnet conflict between WAN and LAN.

    If you assign that NIC to a different VM can that pull an IP?



    I wish I knew why for those that follow after. I changed a few things at once so I'm not sure if one of or combination of them was responsible or the fix.

    • I turned off TCP/IP on the WAN NIC.
    • I rebooted the modem and router at the same time with cables connected.