desperate in need of paid help from someone experienced

  • i won't mention netgate as a paid resource but this would be the first question and i can aussure you that you would realizee that have been very unbelievably exausted. i built a gateway with several vpn client connections and a local gateway, with access points. I will not exaggerate but I've spent over 1000 hours and it keeps dropping connection or speed starting off fine no matter what i do. i read everything online but this is not my area of expertise and i have several suspisiocions that im sure a solid IT Person with pfsense experience would be able to solve. i have a netgate 5100 so it really should work. I am looking for someone who will take it on as a paid project, i really can't do any more myself. a response here or at would be greatly appreciated. IF you're busy I am patient too.


  • Anyone? i think that anyone posting is more than quatlified. i am overseas and no one knows pfsense at my location. on top of that i have a medical condition that requires me to stay alone (covid 19 is 10 times risky for me, so i cant leave. you can also sms me on 6502626662 its virtual calls are now maltuctioning. i will call you from a local # and it will soon get repaired for incoming too. please eiter t. or email previous message #. you wont regret it even if you dont see add value in rescuing someone on top of getting paid and is really 2 for one;)

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