• Hi, I'm new to XG-7100
    This is my network:
    9 Interfaces: WAN, LAN (admin/management), and 7 Vlans (office, wifi, VoIP, guest wifi, lab, etc...)

    Before reaching the pfsense, all VLANs are tagged in two physical interfaces in the EXTREME switch, i have to set trunk mode on the pfSense but not sure how, especially in the VLAN and Ports part.

    For now, I work around the problem with an untagged port for each vlan, which is not what I wanted, wifi VLANs don't work (they used to work in trunk mode).
    Any ideas, please?

  • you need to add tagged members (port) to each vlan (vlan tag) .

    for example :

    Vlan tag memebers

    201 2, 3t,4t,9t,10t

    301 3t,4t,9t,10t

    401 3t,4t,9t,10t

    Vlan 201 untagged on port 2 and tagged on port 3,4
    vlan 301,401 are tagged on port 3,4

    port3 and port4 carry vlan 201,301,401 as tagged VLAN

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