IPv6 + PPPoE Error with dhcp6c

  • Newbe alert (to PFSense + IPv6) so bare with please (though been in I.T. since modems were the state of the art!)

    So trying to get PFsense to talk IPV6 on my new FTTP link. IP4 is PPPoE and I've followed this "recipe" for getting started which refers both to my ISP specifically...

    Aquiss + PFsense + IPv6

    And it's not playing for me. Specifically I'm suspicious of this error which suggests that "Do not wait for a RA" isn't being honoured? But am not getting my IPv6 address anyway?

    Thoughts please? (Yet to throw the family off in order to reboot - turn it off/on again - though!)

    Paul (PF Version 2.4.5_1)

    Dec 10 19:58:34	ppp		[wan] IPV6CP: LayerUp
    Dec 10 19:58:34	ppp		[wan] 02eb:caff:fe04:014b -> f60f:1bff:fe24:3300
    Dec 10 19:58:34	php		/usr/local/sbin/ppp-ipv6: Accept router advertisements on interface pppoe0
    Dec 10 19:58:37	php		/usr/local/sbin/ppp-ipv6: The command '/usr/local/sbin/dhcp6c -d -c /var/etc/dhcp6c_wan.conf -p /var/run/dhcp6c_pppoe0.pid pppoe0' returned exit code '1', the output was ''
    Dec 10 19:58:37	php		/usr/local/sbin/ppp-ipv6: Starting dhcp6 client for interface wan pppoe0 in DHCP6 without RA mode
    Dec 10 19:58:37	check_reload_status		rc.newwanipv6 starting pppoe0
    Dec 10 19:58:37	ppp		[wan] IFACE: Up event
    Dec 10 19:58:37	ppp		[wan] IFACE: Rename interface ng0 to pppoe0
    Dec 10 19:58:37	ppp		[wan] IPCP: rec'd Configure Nak #2 (Ack-Sent)

  • @thondwe So now working, so error possibly a red herring.

    What threw me somewhat was that the WAN interface on the dashboard doesn't show that it picked up an IPv6 address.

  • @thondwe

    That's one difference between IPv4 and IPv6, the WAN address, if available is often not used for routing. Routing is frequently done using the link local address. This means you don't even need a routeable WAN address.

  • @jknott Much to understand - just read up on ff80::1 for a start. Temporary addresses etc.

    First discovery - existing tools are poor with IPV6 still! iPad doesn't show diddly for example, despite working fine on IPv6 (Best NetTools App shows IPv6 warts and all).

    DHCPv6 seems flaky or I've not got my head around it? Flipped one VLAN over to SLAAC and that seemed to be more solid? It gets a appears to get DNS server/zone (the PFsense box) even if I disable IPV6 on the adapter (Windows) - hows that work - where can I change it to point elsewhere (for AD Domain for example)?

  • @thondwe said in IPv6 + PPPoE Error with dhcp6c:

    DHCPv6 seems flaky or I've not got my head around it? Flipped one VLAN over to SLAAC and that seemed to be more solid?

    I've only used SLAAC, so I have no experience with DHCPv6 on the LAN side. Also, thanks to some "genius" at Google, Android devices don't work with DHCPv6.

  • @jknott So with SLAAC where does the DNS server info come from and the domain name suffix or is this not a thing in the IPv6 world.

    The suggestion from the docs is the DHCPv6 will deliver these things, but if you select SLAAC for the Interface, the tab for the interface on the DHCPv6 server page disappears... But this info is surely critical if a device should be recording it's DNS name/IPv6 address in a DNS server somewhere?

  • @thondwe

    It uses something called RDNSS which happens automagically with SLAAC. Even if it didn't you could still use the IPv4 address obtained through IPv4 DHCP. It makes no differenece which is used.

  • @jknott OK - so have sussed it -am on a pure IPv6 connected PC now! So Static IPv6 address on link, DHCPv6 disabled, but RA set as assisted with a DNS server with the link ipv6 address set on the RA tab.

    So I think this is SLAAC + RDNSS working properly?

    Even managed to use a literal IPv6 address for the pfsense box - https://[ipv6 address] needed in edge - square brackets eh?

    Irony of testing though one of the Test -Ipv6 sites I was using didn't resolve an IPv6 address (test-ipv6.com) where as ipv-test.com was happy!