VLAN issues with Windows RRAS Server

  • Hello all! I have a Windows server (2019) with RRAS installed. I can get connected to RRAS from the outside over regular IKEv2 VPN with certificates. However, this is if I make sure the VPN connection is on the same VLAN as the actual RRAS server - VLAN 2. If I add another NIC on VLAN 5, make sure it's added to pfSense on the external IP interface, the trunk line, can pass traffic and route properly, and RRAS is set up properly to accept connections on VLAN 5 and have the DHCP relay to the DHCP server on VLAN 2, somewhere along the way pfSense (?) gets confused and tries to add the external VPN client back to VLAN 2, rather than to VLAN 5. This prevents me from getting a DHCP address on my client and I don't even see the DHCP attempt. I watch the logs and the VPN clients are definitely on VLAN 2, rather than VLAN 5 which then drops all packets because it's trying to use a VLAN 5 IP address on VLAN 2. Not sure what is going on here.... Please let me know if I need to clarify anything or need to take screenshots. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!