• I'm sorry if NAT is not the exact "topic" but it seemed to me the most appropriate.
    Basically I'd want the PfSense to forward PPoE packets that come from an host on the LAN side of the pfsense to the main ISP router (so that I can get a public IP).
    This is a map of the network:
    N.B. The link I want to create is virtual, meaning that there is always physically the pfsense between those two routers.
    The PfSense manages to get a public IP using PPoE on the WAN interface (and it works great) but now it's time for the Fritz to also have a public IP (keep in mind that it is connected to the LAN side of the PfSense) and that's why I need the pfsense to simply forward (I think “passthrough” would be te correct term) the ppoe traffic.
    The PPoE “server” is my ISP (strange but true I can establish “unlimited” ppoe connections and get “unlimited” public (dynamic obviously) IPs. Anyone has some idea?
    (I'd prefer not to change the physical configuration of the network because I have particular needs but if there is no viable option I could decide to change that).

  • Netgate Administrator

    Mmm, that is odd I would not expect you to be able to do that.

    It would be much better to run a separate link to the ISP from the Fritz box.

    Otherwise you might be able to bridge the WAN interface to the link to the Fritzbox. That's probably not going to work if it's WAN and LAN.