Disabling (outbound) FTP helper on a per rule basis ?

  • Hi,

    I have the usual "ftpes" or "passive ftp" issue, with the FTP Helper
    I'm only wondering about "outbound connections" (i want to connect to various FTP servers)
    Isn't there a way to specify that when connecting to IP "x.x.x.x" i don't want to use FTP Helper ?
    Or maybe something to bypass it like reforwarding port xyz to port 21 for ip "x.x.x.x" so that ftp helper is not triggered ?

    My problem is that i have to connect very often to different FTPs including active/passive/ftpes … and having to change the ftphelper option every time is really boring ...

    Or may i use another ftp proxy in my dmz that would support ftpes and disabled ftp helper for dmz ?
    Any hint ?

    (if it can help i'm having two wan connections )

    Thx a lot !

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