pfBlockerNG crashing ubound dns Resolver

  • Hello,

    I have run into a little problem. After switching to pfBlocker from Squid, I have found that unbound is crashing. Then shortly afterwards the whole system freezes up requiring a power cycle to get things going again. Anyone else have the same issue?

    I'm running a Netgate SG1100 with ~998MiB of RAM running pfSense ver. 2.4.5

    pfBlocker is mostly all default settings

    I have DNSBL Enabled with Shalla's List enabled (only about 25% of the list is active, including the big one Porn).

    Perhaps I should just bite the bullet and upgrade to a stand alone system? although that's not really in the budget atm.

    Thanks in Advance

  • Moderator

    Not enough memory to handle the large Shallalist category.
    You can try the new Unbound Python mode which is less memory intensive.

  • @bbcan177 That's what I was afraid of. Guess I'm asking Santa for a computer so I can get the most out of this.