Squid keeps switching to require sign in for wifi network

  • Hello,

    Here is a problem that I have run into. Very randomly, squid suddenly pushes a log in requirement to my VLANs. I know it is squid because it only happens to the 2 VLANs that have squid enabled on them. If I switch to one of the other 2 VLANs then everything is A OK. Very annoying. I have tried wiping the install and reinstalling, and it continued to happen. I get a few hours then wam suddenly my wifi requires that I sign in.

    My Set Up.

    Netgate SG1100 running 2.4.5
    Squid ver 0.4.44_35
    SquidGuard Ver 1.16.18_11

    Unifi AC PRO as my WAP
    UNIFI 8 Port POE Switch

    I have 4 VLANs but only 2 need to be proxied as that's where all the browsing happens.

    Any insights would be appreciated.