Sync issue - Backup pfSense scrambled configuration - 2.4.4-RELEASE-p3

  • Hello Everyone,

    We are facing two issues while two pfSense fw's are in HA mode.
    The network setup is the following
    Over a dedicated interface named as SYNC both fw are directly :
    Master : / 30
    Backup: 172.31.2255.2 /30
    We permit all IPV4 traffic through that interface in order to be as loose as possible, in terms of troubleshooting. Both systems can ping each other.

    CARP is configured appropriately for each and every IP. Always the CARP of each subnet is .1 and the corresponding pfsense interface IP is .2 and .3 respectivelly and the password for CARP is the same for each CARP accross both firewalls.

    The issues are the following:

    • list item On the BACKUP some CARP entries remain on MASTER state, which apparently is a problem

    • list item Whenever we Force sync config BACKUP's configuration is losing its original configuration. In fact some CARP are losing even the correct Interface where they do actually belong.

    Any hint/help on that issu will be invaluable

  • @thodoris1982

    @Thodoris1982 "pfSense scrambled configuration - 2.4.4-RELEASE-p3


    by this you mean 2.4.5-p1 😉

  • @daddygo I've updated to the latest version. I still do get issues with the carp IP syncs. I don't get why it's doing a splitbrain master config all the time. Additionaly it does shift the IPs in the list. I don't get why. Is there any way, I can dig deeper log level wise to figure out what actually might be the reason?