• Does stunnel support multiwan usage? It was prior working with two wan connections with a default ipv4 gateway defined. Due to issues with the server going offline multiple times a day requiring a reboot of the pfsense box to restore. I have since simplified/cleaned up the firewall and NAT rules, moved away from the problematic igb0 interface (which was blocked when I attempted to change the port rate/duplex with a strange 'Blocked due to SOL/IDER session') moving that link to a vlan on another interface, then switched away from using a default IPv4 gateway.

    Straight connections to OpenVPN have no issue. ipsec tunnels seem to come up without issue as well. I would like to have this working when I am away using various wireless networks that appear to block VPNs but do not seem to have issue if I pass the connection through stunnel.

    The SOL/IDER message has me a little concerned as well as I do not use AMT or Intel ME.