E2Guardian Development and Alternatives

  • Re: Unofficial E2guardian package for pfSense

    So, is E2Guardian dead? Or, dying?

    Is the community moving back to Squidguard or on to pfBlockerNG for filtering?

    I see less and less chatter on the E2Guardian forum. I did see a bunch of new Squidguard related posts in the packages forum.

    I'm currently running E2Guardian and pfBlockerNG on my home lan and find that both are needed for layered protection. E2Guardian is easier to add blocked and excepted sites. Plus I have added Sarge for reporting that works well enough for my use case. pfBlockerNG is more powerful but I struggle with adding blocks and exceptions and need more education on how to get reports on site access down to a user/PC level.

    I like both and have used Squidguard in the past. Just trying to stay up to date on the latest supported trends for filtering traffic.