• Hello folks!

    I m using IP-COM WLan Access Points, and I want to establish Certificated Based Auth with pfsense. I have started to play, and I face issues. I have the Free Radius on pfsense, I have installed the Cert on my windows Device. When I test it with NTRADping, I get a Access-Accept. When I try to access over the Access Point, I get:

    (10) Login incorrect (eap_peap: The users session was previously rejected: returning reject (again.)): [xxxUser/<via Auth-Type = eap>] (from client W185AP port 47 cli 70bc10624508)

    The Access Point is configured with radius, any ideas?

    Other questions:

    1. When Radius with the Wifi is running, is there a must to use User Certificates? Or is it possible with only installing a general Cert to access the wifi?

    2. Is it easy possible to integrate Radius in AzureAD? It would be greate to use the Passwords for Auth from AzureAD