Traffic Shaping with Unifi AP works, with Mikrotik AP not

  • Hey there,
    I have a weird / funny problem.

    I am just changing from Unifi to Mikrotik Hardware and was setting up my AP.

    I have a VLAN for the Guest-Network, which is operating in a different subnet.
    And I have setup a Traffic Shaper (Limiter), that the guests can't use all my bandwith.

    Now comes the weird thing:

    • Traffic shaping with devices connected to the Unifi works perfectly fine, like setup
    • Traffic shaping with devices connected to the Mikrotik doesn't work, only the upload limit works

    Setup limits are:
    25 Mbit down / 10 Mbit up

    Any ideas?
    In general traffic shaping shouldn't be depending on the "end-user" device, otherwise you could just pass those limits by, in areas where you shouldn't or?!

    Sorry for the big screenshots, i just wanted to add them as seperately to open attachment.

    Screenshot_2021-01-03-13-06-30-043_com.internet.speedtest.check.wifi.meter.jpg Screenshot_2021-01-03-13-03-08-577_com.internet.speedtest.check.wifi.meter.jpg Shaper.JPG