• so i have my own build for PFsnese with 3 NICs
    and the LAN is only 100MB

    i have a spare NIC with 1000MB

    can i just switch the interface in the console , and all settings of lan will be remmberd ?

    or i will lose config?

    What is the right way to approch this?

  • @aihysp said in can just switch an intrface for LAN?:

    What is the right way to approch this?

    This : Diagnostics > Backup & Restore and backup your config.
    If you have issues, a simple restore will take you back.

    I would install the space NIC.
    In pfSense, assign it as a third interface, by default called "OPT1".

    Now, backup your config.
    Using an editor like Notepad++ , you will find :


    Change <lan> and </lan> for <opt1> and </opt1> and vis-versa.
    Put the new <opt1> </opt1> block behind the new <lan> </lan> block.
    Import the config.

  • @gertjan

    very cool :)

    even better then going to the console