• I have few setups op PFS and everything is working great, but i dont know where is problem. I use tier 1 one conneciton (usualy coax/fibre/commercial radio) with multiwan support usualy

    Tier 1 - coax/fibre/radio FIXED IP
    Tier 2 - DSL
    Tier 3 - few LTE conneciton (usualy 2).

    And sometimes the default gateway doesnt come back to Tier1 gateway which is problem because trafic stuck od DSL where is static but not fixed IP (capacity is usualy ok, 80-100mbit) which cover al data usage, but dont know how to fix trafic to WAN1 on Tier1.

    I use latest version, and of course i try to fix the problem witch static route (for about 20 hosts), but i dont know where problem is, i read doc where is written

    **The firewall uses the selected gateway group pick the default gateway. It will change from one gateway to another if the preferred default fails.


    This function does not support load balancing, only failover. When using a gateway group for the default gateway, the group must only have one gateway in each tier.**

    but i dont want to spare/change default gateway i want just to come back to WAN1. I can select it manualy but i cant simulate some packet/loss situation that i simulate just monitor IP failure.

    Any ideas, thank you.