PFsense performence (vmware/4-8k mobile users with captive portal.)

  • I'm having a hard time finding benchmarks and such, i'm not a google wiz, so i hope some one here might be able to tell me if i'm completely off base with the hardware specs.
    Would a esxi setup similar to this, be able to lift 4000-8000 concurrent users on a mobile device.

    Guest PFsense
    8 cores xeon
    16gb ram
    2x1g nic's

    DHCP on lan side which would distribute a scope with around 8k address, captive portal with a simple checkmark and no authentication. It's all mobile phones, the clients "trickle" in over about 1 hour, so its not all 4/8k who joins at the same time, luckily.

    Per user usage is pretty low to be honest, about 100-150mb over 3 hour event on average with the current setup.

    Are we totally off base with what we can expect from a pf vm with those hardware specs?