• I made a new post instead of continuing on the old one since the topic has changed slightly

    Ive now created a limiter that works partly, it limits all traffic other than FTPS traffic, i have two machines in my network thats running ftp with ssl encryption, one linux box with glftp and one with windows and FileZilla, but that traffic is still freeflowing even when all other traffic is beeing limited

    What am i doing wrong?

    Picture of shapers, only showing one way, other way is the same:
    Parent Limiter

    Child Queue

    FW Rule: (Only showing IPv4 since IPv6 is identical)


  • Use a protocol analyzer, such as tcpdump or wireshark, to look at the traffic, ... So, to answer your question: - depending on the FTPS Server configuration, you'll need to open port 21 or 990/989. ... The advice to restrict ports to 10 is good

  • @oliver42
    the ftp itself works fine, problem is limiting the bw at the router side
    i actually made a tcpdump right before making this post and looked at it in Wireshark, but not sure what to look for that will help me limit it