MultiWan + LoadBalance + Failover + Squid

  • Hi to all,

    I try to run MultiWan + LoadBalance + FailOver + Squid.

    I've two DSL lines 12Mb  1,2/600Kb Wan1, Wan2(opt1) and Opt2 4Mb down /4Mb up Cable line. Running 1.2.2 I get this issues..

    • Failover : Some times pfsense ping to DNS and this fail (why? internet works fine.). I replace for Router-IP and sometimes fails too.. The conection it's with a UTP Cable Router-WAN1, Router-Wan2.

    • LoadBalance works fine, i can define where HTTPS, SVN, SSH goes. But How configure AltQ with this configuration? bw download/upload from wizzard? 12 + 12 + 4 and 600 + 600 + 4000?. I don't know .. And i think ALTQ from wizzard only works with WAN1??.

    • Squid not works at the moment with 1.2.2 under Multiwan Setup.. :( . I find a patch but i think not works with loadbalancing.. It's 1.2.3RC1 supported? I use pfsense on a Office i need to work fine.

    • I've a VPN with other Router connected to my LAN. My lan works with 192.168.10.x and The router for the VPN uses My traffic need to redirect when goes to 192.168.100.x (the remote LAN over VPN) by How i can redirect it?. I don't want to replace my VPN router for pfsense at the moment.

    Thanks for all.