• Hi
    I am new to pfsense, as there is a large community I am finding a lot of visual tutorials very helpful and I am finding my way around the firewall easily however I am stuck on one thing with my internet provider and virtual ips and my block of 5 ip's
    I have an xg-7100.

    I would like to,
    Create your PPPoE interface and let it bind to the WAN as normal (setup wizard sorts this)

    • Interfaces > Assignments > Create OPT1 interface and bind it to the WAN network card
    • Edit it and give it a static network IP address (normally first usable in the range)
    • Remember to enable it
    • Leave everything else as default
    • Firewall > Virtual IPs > add your IP alias for each IP and bind it to the OPT1 interface
      Is there a visual demonstration/illustration to direct me with this? I don't know if the process would be different with me using the xg-7100 and how it uses vlans?
      Here is the original link:
  • Netgate Administrator

    As I mentioned on your ticket with us that will only work if the provider is routing the static IPs, or the full subnet, to you dynamic PPPoE address. Zen may do that but that last time I dealt with a BT Business connection they did not.

    It's easy to test though. Just send some traffic to one of your static IPs from some external source and run a packet capture on the PPPoE and/or it's parent to see if it arrives.

    You can then use VIPs as described there.

    For inbound/outbound NAT you can just use the IPs directly in rules. For services on the firewall, like OpenVPN, you need a VIP.