How to configure IGMP proxy when settopbox not connected to pfSense box

  • Hi,

    When I connect a stb to the pfSense box all is fine.
    When I connect the stb to a router which is connected to the pfSense box there is the following in the log:

    select() failure; Errno(4): Interrupted system call

    In the igmp configuration I changed the interface of the downstream from the one the stb was connected to, to 'LAN' where there is a route to the stb (can ping the stb)

    What do I have to configure to make this work?

  • Netgate Administrator

    I wouldn't expect to see any difference in the IGMPproxy in pfSense simply changing the interface. However I also wouldn't expect it to work unless you are also proxying the IGMP in the downstream router.