RFC 2136 Dynamic DNS updates

  • I have set up RFC 2136 Dynamic DNS updates

    For Host I have used the address of the DNS server I want to update
    The DHCP leases are handed out for the correct zone (Verified at client)
    The Key has the same name on the DNS server as the DHCP server
    The key is a cut 'n' paste HMAC-MD5 from the DNS server
    The ACL for both the zone and the reverse zone

    From named.conf (BIND 9.2.5)

    key DHCP-UPDATER {
            algorithm hmac-md5;
            secret "REMOVED**********";

    zone "corp.bluechiptechnology.co.uk." IN {
            type master;
            file "corp.bluechiptechnology.co.uk.db";
            allow-update {
                    key DHCP-UPDATER;

    I have also tried by IP address

    Has anyone had success with this sort of set-up? ???
    named is running on an internal FC4 Linux server (Local Firewall OFF)

    PS Was there an authoritative namserver in the add-ons once ?

  • OK so now I remember the Keys are a-symmetric

    Private in the DNS server
    Public in the DHCP server

    Still no joy
    anyone got any pointers

  • I found that the nsupdate command is noware to be found on the system and when I copied the one from my FreeBSD 6.x system to the /usr/sbin it updated my dns.

    The nsupdate command is missing from the current builds for some reason.

  • This has been addressed in the latest snapshots.

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