Route all traffic from host x to IPSEC tunnel

  • Hello,

    I'm trying to configure a scenario where all traffic from a particular host (or interface on the firewall) accesses the internet through an IPSEC tunnel to another site.

    My setup: Single WAN connection, IPSEC site-site tunnel, and I have two lans (LAN1, LAN2).  LAN1 traffic should go out the WAN as usual.  LAN2 traffic should be routed over the IPSEC tunnel to another site if their packets are bound for the internet.

    I tried adding a static route on the LAN2 port which said

    Interface: OPT1 (LAN2)
    Destination Network: sample-internet-host-ip/32
    Gateway: Internet Router at the other end of the IPSEC tunnel (same router that controls the IPSEC tunnel)

    Unfortunately this doesn't seem to work for the sample-internet-host

    Any thoughts on how this might be possible? some other trickery?



  • Any thoughts?

    no internal way in pfSense to just force traffic from one interface to another?