Multi WAN - Inbound load balancing.

  • Hi,

    I'm still new to pfsense and I would like to find out if pfsense supports the following setup?  Internet users will utilise the WAN1 (1mbit) connection fisrt, if the bandwidth exceeds 1mbit….the rest of the traffic will route to WAN2.  Does this works?  Can anyone guide me on how to set it up?  Thanks.

    <-----WAN1 (1mbit)------>
                          |                                    |
    Internet Users---|                              [pfsense]–-----(OPT1)------[Servers with public IPs]
                          |                                    |
                            <–WAN2 (5mbit shared)-->

  • Only one thing , you have to use Load Balancing and it happens n a round robin fashion i.e. one request to WAN1 and the second to WAN2 So you cannot make it use first for 1 Mbps and then go to second.

  • in other word, it is impossible.

  • you perhap can try traffic shaper in conjuction with Load Balancing.