• Hi all,

    I have a LiveCD installation and I've a problem with a keyboard settings. I would like to configure for Spanish settings. I try to change with kbdmap command but when I reboot the system the changes are lost.

    Other questions:

    I,ve installing apache2.2 and ftpd. How to make for start this services in boot secuence?
    How to add a new operating system user? I need add a new user for ftpd setting and the system no have useradd command.

    Thank in advance.

  • You don't run apache or an ftp on a firewall.  Nor do you add new users.  Please reconsider what you are trying to do.

  • Hi,
    Why? I don't use firewall funcinality, in fact I allow all. I would like to configure a Captive Portal and I want to serve a static html page a in the same machine in other server instance that default http server. For example in a Apache instance. Also needs update the page for this I need to install a ftp service.

    And of the issue of the keyboard?


  • pfSense is a firewall.  You're trying to pound a round peg into a square hole and you're unlikely to find anyone here willing to help you do it.