2WAN ADSL - Can not reach router from LAN

  • Hello All,
    I have setup a loadbalancer with 2WANs. The lb works perfectly, except for the fact that I cannot reach my two routers from the lan!
    My setu is like this:

    Router1 internal ip - -> WAN (
    Router2 internal ip - -> OPT1 (
    LAN ->
    the two routers automatically nat to the dinamically assigned address of the isp.
    As said above, load balancing works ok, but if i try to reach the admin (or simply try to ping the router) console of router1 (on WAN interface) from a machine on the lan, all the packets go out of the OPT interface, and viceversa if I try to reach router2 (on OPT1) all packets go out of the WAN! and obvioulsy non of the packets arrive to the correct router. If I open a shell on the firewall I can reach correctly the routers from the inside (in fact, I can use ssh -L to forward a local port and access the two routers).
    I did not add any routes or firewall rules (except one default one for the balancer). Anyone has any ideas?

  • Add pass rules above your default any to loadbalancer rule:

    pass, proto any, source any, destination WAN subnet, gateway WAN-gateway
    pass, proto any, source any, destination OPT-WAN subnet, gateway OPT-WAN-gateway

    You have to exclude these subnets from loadbalancing.

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