Routing issue with 2 pfS w/bridging setup

  • I'm having a routing issue with a new double pfSense setup I have configured.

    Here is a diagram of the setup:

    Both of the firewalls are pfSense 1.2.3-RC1 from the live-CD
    They each have 4 interfaces.
    Everything is working fine except for the following.

    I have two related issues at this time:

    1. I can not ping from IP Phone Vancouver ( to Skyport (
       I have a test PC ( located at a switch connected to the LAN interface of the Skyport pfSense box.
       When I do a traceroute it just times out.
       IP Phone Vancouver can talk just fine to the local bridged segment of just not the remote one (Vancouver).
       I know, the bridged part is silly but I have not choice, it is already here and can not be changed, at lest not now.

    2. I can not ping from Skyport ( to IP Phone (
       When I do a traceroute it heads out the wan interface and eventually times out.
       I have a static route setup on the pfsfwsky firewall for with gateway of
       There is no route listed for in the 'Routing tables' in the gui Diagnostics > Routes page.
       So it appears that the traffic is ignoring the static route, or the static route is not taking.

    Happy to be have joined the pfSense community, spent years in the LEAF world.


    Richard Amerman

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