• I'm having some issues with DNS not resolving when the captive portal is enabled.

    Here is my setup:

    WAN:, gateway (we have an AdTran Access Device, that gives us a private IP for our WAN)


    OPT1: - We do not need a whole lot of wireless users, so I wanted to limit the number of IP addresses

    LAN goes to a 3Com 4300 switch, OPT1 goes to a TrendNet AP that is strictly that, an AP.  No routing capabilities, no DHCP server, etc.  Basically just acting as a bridge to turn the OPT1 interface into wireless.

    I have a rule for the OPT1 interface that looks like this:

    Action  	: Pass
    Interface 	: OPT1
    Protocol 	: Any
    Source       : Opt1 Subnet
    Destination : Any
    Gateway    : Default

    DNS forwarder is enabled, DNS server on the General setting page is, which is on the LAN interface, and is our Win2k3 server.  I have unchecked the box on the general setting page for DHCP server settings to override what I have entered.  Both of the other boxes on the DNS forwarder page are checked.  It is setup that way so that our XP Pro clients can use active directory.  The DNS server on the W2k3 machine is using openDNS if the address is not local (www.google.com, for example).

    If I disable the captive portal, and try to access the internet, it works fine.  google comes up as expected.  However, if I enable the captive portal, the login page will not come up.  I do have a user for testing purposes.  If I enter google's IP address ( into the address bar, then I get the captive portal page.  I log in, then am redirected to google.  Once I am logged in on the captive portal, I can then enter any other URL and it works as it should.  It is simply that before logging in, DNS does nto work.

    Any assistance is appreciated.